Friday, 31 December 2010

Friday, 31st December 2010 - Photo #365

Well here it is, my last blog of this year! - Sorry but I have taken up Nicky's challenge and done a self portrait, you are right Nicky, definitely the hardest one to be happy with. I have slightly cheated I must admit and used my flashgun and raw (just to whiten the blue wall I stood in front of). Just too time consuming tonight to get my lights out.

Thank you to everybody that has been watching this blog and all your comments, whether you liked a picture or not, thanks for taking the time to take a look, I appreciated your feedback.

Thanks to Old Meg for your comments throughout the year and your Christmas card it was lovely. Glad you enjoyed the blog, happy new year. XXXX

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Thursday, 30th December 2010 - Photo #364

Some girls like little green boxes with the word Tiffany on them but here is my favourite type of box to get as a present! Gold with yellow and black 'Nikon' on it. Yes my new lens has arrived today and I can't wait to get out and have a practice with it. It's part Christmas present and part treat for finishing this blog, so I thought it would be a good idea to take a picture of the box to remind me.

I'm a little bit sad that tomorrow will be my last post but I'll appreciate the break from the pressure of having to pick the camera up even if I had no idea what to take a photo of. I've been happy with the majority of pictures but even the ones I'm not happy with I know why not and that's the most important thing. I've learnt so much by actually taking the pictures and being critical with them enough to put on here for you all to see.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Wednesday, 29th December 2010 - Photo #363

'Cheats never prosper!'

We have been over to Mum and Dad's today for their Christmas dinner (why do Mum's always taste better?) We played cards after dinner and look at these two! Used my beloved 50mm lens which gives a lovely soft background and my flashgun for fill in light. Good job we weren't playing for money only Cadbury's Roses!
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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Tuesday, 28th December 2010 - Photo #362

We walked past this tree with a street light behind it and all said "wow, look at that", luckily it wasn't too far from home so I nipped back for the camera. As it meant walking back on my own in the dark I didn't take my tripod but luckily the street light was enough to avoid needing too long a shutter speed. I put the picture into Photoshop and changed the white balance to 'florescent' as this gave it a nice pinky glow which I like. Not long now till the end of this blog, what will I do with all that extra time?...................

Monday, 27th December 2010 - Photo #361

'Karaoke Kings'

Here's Blair and Carl practising for next year's X Factor auditions, Carl is being 'Bez' to Blair's 'Shaun Ryder'! Bless them, the Stone Roses have nothing to worry (it was their song they murdered...sorry sang). Well done you too for getting in the party spirit. I think Carl looks like a cross between Boris Karloff and Tommy Cooper!!

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Sunday, 26th December 2010 - Photo #360

Had another lovely day with family today over at Sharron and Joel's and was very impressed with Randall's gingerbread house. I tried to make one from a kit that I bought from Ikea a few years ago and it was a total disaster! Took this with my 50mm lens which gave me a nice blurred background, put it in Photoshop but all I have done to it is crop a little bit of background out. I like the colours too much to play about with them.

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Saturday, 25th December 2010 - Photo #359

Happy Christmas!
What a day, the presents have been unwrapped and sorted into piles of ownership, the dinner cooked, eaten and pots washed and Alan Carr is on the TV, how better does life get? My Mum, Dad and Grandma are safely back at their homes and the girls in bed. I took this picture of a bauble on the tree as I love reflections, then I went a bit mad making it look like a Christmas Card. Can you spot the santa bulldog that sings "Rockin Around the Christmas Tree"?