Friday, 31 December 2010

Friday, 31st December 2010 - Photo #365

Well here it is, my last blog of this year! - Sorry but I have taken up Nicky's challenge and done a self portrait, you are right Nicky, definitely the hardest one to be happy with. I have slightly cheated I must admit and used my flashgun and raw (just to whiten the blue wall I stood in front of). Just too time consuming tonight to get my lights out.

Thank you to everybody that has been watching this blog and all your comments, whether you liked a picture or not, thanks for taking the time to take a look, I appreciated your feedback.

Thanks to Old Meg for your comments throughout the year and your Christmas card it was lovely. Glad you enjoyed the blog, happy new year. XXXX


  1. Yay! Good girl! Well done Carol, great job!!! I am so thrilled to see this! A great achievement, an interesting journey, a fantastic set of images. A+++ ;0)

  2. Thanks Nicky, couldn't have done it without you XX

  3. Well done Carol, you made it in the end. Fantastic set of photographs, now for the book!!

  4. Nice one Carol, lovely photo of you.
    Whats next?????

  5. #365 is a shot I will keep for posterity and as a reminder of your blog. So goodbye and I am off to find a new homepage for 2011. I am sure your photography skills are in good hands for the future with your fellow club members and under Barry's guidance, you will not go far wrong, as I have visited his blog a few times and I am very impressed with his work, a true artist.


  6. Thanks everyone, I've loved reading all your comments.
    Happy New Year XX